Summit Public Schools COVID Dashboard and Updated Communications Plan

Dear Summit Public Schools Community,

I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the communications survey. Transparent, honest, and frequent communication is incredibly important, especially during this year with the increased amount of updates. Your feedback was very helpful and gave us additional insight on our current communication practices. That being said, I want to share some of the input we received and how we are going to implement this feedback into our practices.

COVID-19 Communications

Summit Public Schools is rolling out a COVID-19 Dashboard which features real-time data of current cases in the District (individuals who are isolating because of a positive COVID-19 test) and enrollment numbers of how many students are learning in-person/hybrid or fully remote. This Dashboard will also have up-to-date information about travel restrictions, quarantine protocols, contact tracing procedures, and a Frequently Asked Questions page to help the Summit community further understand our operating procedures. A demonstration of the Dashboard will be presented at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, April 15th. The link to the COVID-19 Dashboard can be found under the Resources tab on the District website.

Email Format

We will continue to send Honeywell emails notifying parents, guardians, and staff when the District is notified of a COVID-19 case, while also directing you to our COVID-19 Dashboard. Based on results from the survey, parents and guardians prefer receiving District information via Honeywell, so we will continue to use this practice. However, we did receive input that it is cumbersome to open the PDF attachments on a cell phone. Therefore, we will place the COVID-19 notification information in the email body of the Honeywell alert, instead of in an attached letter. Based on your feedback, we believe this will make a significant improvement for accessibility of information.

District Website

It was important for us to request feedback on the District website because as confirmed in the survey results, many of you turn to the website when you have a specific question or need a specific resource. The feedback we received allows our Technology department and Communications Officer to strategize methods to improve navigation on the website and address the mobile-friendly concerns presented in the survey results. Any major changes to the website will be communicated with families before they are implemented.

Once again, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to everyone who participated in the communications survey. The ongoing partnership between Summit Public Schools and Summit community continues to play a major role in the success of our students and District as a whole.

Be well,

Scott D. Hough
Superintendent of Schools