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Principal’s Year End Letter

Dear Parents,

Somehow, we have reached the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  There is no question that this is definitely one that will “go down in the books!”  We have faced more challenges than we could have ever predicted.

 Thankfully, we have come through the worst and are now looking forward to an end to this horrible pandemic.  I know that by now you have received Mr. Gardella’s (our acting superintendent) letter explaining some of the possible scenarios for a return to school in September.  We all know that it is much too early to assume to put any plan in place yet, as we wait direction from the state, Regardless, we know that September will look “different.”  As Mr. Gardella stated, we will certainly inform you once we have a definitive plan in place.

In the meantime, summer looms ahead.  I hope that you will all be able to take some time to relax and enjoy your families.  I know that the past months have been difficult for many of you, but I hope that in the months ahead you are able to enjoy some free time.  Even if you are unable to get away on a “real” vacation, take some time to do things that are fun and everyone enjoys.  We all need some time to recuperate, rejuvenate and relax.  I am looking forward to at least some lazy days with nothing scheduled if only to sit out in the sunshine!

I do hope that we will all be back together at Brayton come September.  I miss seeing the children, the staff and all of you on a daily basis.  Brayton is such a special place – it’s no wonder that we want to be back there.

Stay well, stay happy, and enjoy the summer.