Order Your Yearbook Today!

It’s yearbook time! DEADLINE EXTENDEDTO TODAY! 6/17!
We are working with TreeRing again, to provide a colorful book featuring this year’s memories, including student photos and many of the wonderful activities from throughout the year.

  • Books are $15.54 each and includes 2 FREE custom pages. These custom pages will only print in your child’s yearbook, you just need to upload your images by June 10.
  • Deadline to place your order is June 10 June 17!
  • To order go to, https://www.treering.com/validate?PassCode=1016155636504975
    • School passcode is 1016155636504975
    • If you bought a yearbook last year, you already have an account so you can just sign-in using your log-in information
    • If you are new to TreeRing, you will need to create an account. When setting up an account you will be prompted to enter your email, create a password, and add your child’s information. If you have more than one child at Brayton, you can add them as well, but you don’t have to if you only want to order 1 book for your household.
  • Books will be finalized after school is dismissed for the summer. That way we can include 5 th Grade Graduation and the other end of year festivities.
  • In July when the books arrive, we will have pick-up sessions outside of Brayton.

For general questions, please contact Kari Steele Barreneche.

Also please email Kari any photos that you have from school and class activities.

For TreeRing Customer Support via email at support@treering.com or by phone (877) 755-TREE