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Letter from the Principal

Dear Brayton Parents,

I realize that all of you received a letter from Mr. Gardella this morning regarding the current events occurring in our country.

I wanted to assure you that at Brayton School, the staff and I are certainly aware of what has been occurring, and in our own homes have had to respond to our own children about what has happened, why it has happened, and how people are reacting. These are not easy questions for any parent to answer. I believe that Mr. Gardella stated it well when he said,

“ The death of George Floyd was devastating, and remains very difficult to process. The tragedy of his death, as well as many other incidents of violence against Black people, has ignited long overdue conversations about systemic and institutionalized racism. The peaceful protests happening around the country have been very powerful and in turn, are inspiring communities to reflect and demand change. As this has deeply impacted so many of us, I can only imagine how confusing and troubling it is for our students. I want the families and students of our community to know that we are here for you, and we are ready to help.

Please know that the Brayton staff and I are here for you should you or your family require our support. Our district guidance department, as well as our own counselor, Erica Dorsey, are prepared to offer their assistance. I also refer you again to the resources stated by Mr. Gardella:

  • Beyond the Golden Rule: A Parent’s/Guardian’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice
  • Healthychildren.org: Talking to Children about Racial Bias
  • American Psychological Association: How To Talk To Children About Difficult News
  • Sesame Street in Communities: Community Violence

We are committed to continuing to honor the diversity of our student body and to recognize the benefits and blessings of having a diverse group of people working together toward a common goal – that of teaching our children to become learned, respectful and caring citizens.

We will continue to teach our students the importance of accepting all others, regardless of their differences. Our children are the future. We will continue to do our part to help them to become the change makers of our world, helping to create a more loving and compassionate society.

As we look to next year, our theme will be “Connection.” We will strive to help our students to make strong connections with their peers and with their teachers. It is through strong, positive connections with others and a true understanding of their cultures and their lives, that racism and hatred can be eliminated.

I continue to wish that you stay well and happy.

Best regards,