Letter from the Director of Curriculum

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This has been an unprecedented year in education for students all over the world. Although there have been many challenges along the way, our teachers have continued to implement a rigorous curriculum and provide all students with academically-rich experiences. We also recognize that additional learning opportunities are beneficial to help some students successfully transition into the next school year. Therefore, we are happy to announce the 2021 extended year summer session for grades K-12.

Grades K-8

In addition to the many ways in which we are currently supporting the success of every student, the Summit Public Schools will host an extended year summer session opportunity for students who may benefit from additional academic support in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. This four-week program will provide students with targeted and individualized learning experiences to ensure a strong foundational content knowledge in ELA and math. If your child has been identified to participate in the extended year summer session, you will receive a letter from your building principal within the next couple of days which will outline dates and times.

Grades 9-12

The high school summer session has been designed to allow students to remain on track for completing graduation requirements and strengthening skills to assure a successful continuation in course sequences. Where conditions allow, students may retake a passed class for grade improvement. School counselors will assist students in making enrollment decisions.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jennifer McCann
Director of Education

Please Note: This program is not open to all Brayton students.  There are specific criteria to identify those students who will most benefit from additional instruction in preparation for the coming school year.  Invitations will be sent out shortly to only those students who meet the criteria.