Upcoming Events

Important Information for 5th Graders

Recognition Ceremony/Drive By
On Friday, June 12th, principals and fifth grade teachers from each school will drive, in a caravan, to each fifth grader’s home. The caravan will arrive in front of your house, honk horns, clap hands, hoot and holler and post a “graduation” sign on your front lawn. This will be a surprise.  A time frame of arrival will be provided as the date gets closer.

Balloons for Graduates
Party Line, on Springfield Ave., has designed a Brayton Bouquet of balloons, including one Graduation mylar and two latex balloons for $10.  To order please call (908-273-8777) from now until June 9th.  They will be available for pick June 12.  Don’t forget to tell them you are with Brayton.  

Brayton 5th Grade T-Shirts 
Each 5th grader gets a graduation/recognition t-shirt.  Arrival date TBD.  These will need to be picked up.

Medicine Pick Up
Contact the new nurse, Elizabeth Sharp, esharp@summit.k12.nj.us, to set up a time on 6/15 between 9-12 to pick up medicine you have left at Brayton. 

Library Books
Hold until fall or until further notice

Middle School Information

Open Doors Link- Middle School Virtual Meet and Greet

Supply List

Order Supply Kit Here

Medical Forms

Athletics- Forms and Opportunities
Paperwork due 7/24 to msathleticforms@summit.k12.nj.us

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Summer Reading List