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End of Year Letter from Dr. Moretz

June 13, 2019

Dear Brayton Parents,
“The end is near,” and I do not know how we got here so quickly!  We have had another great year at Brayton. Your children, as always, have been a joy with whom to work.  They have tried their best to achieve and to become the best people they can be. We hope that we have helped them to develop a little more “grit” and perseverance, and we will continue to focus on that in the coming year.  After a year of working hard, they are certainly entitled to some time off to play and relax. We are very proud of them and congratulate them for all they have achieved this year!

Due to continued decreasing enrollment, we have lost yet another section at Brayton as the four sections of fifth grade move on to be replaced by three.  Unfortunately for us, Mr. Matt Ferry will be moving to Lincoln-Hubbard School next year. Ms. Ashley Aaron will also be at Lincoln-Hubbard in a full-time classroom teaching position. Ms. Haleigh Sehrt will continue as the leave replacement teacher for Mrs. Meghan Nelson until her return in November and Mrs. Costa-Ponik will continue as Dr. Lauren Fullmer’s leave replacement until her return at the end of September.  Mrs. Erin Corea will move from fifth grade to fourth grade. We say goodbye to Mr. Roberto Mendez, who is moving to Orlando; Ms. Stephanie Mangiouglu, who is leaving to study in London; and to Mrs. Barbara Vierschilling, who is retiring after 26 years in Summit.

Our organization for next year, 2019-2020, will be:

Ms. Maryclare Poole
Mrs. Cristina Werthmann
Mrs.  Diana Johnson

Mr. Rob Gannon
Mr. Drew Solowy
Mrs. Beth Lepore

Mrs. Meghan Nelson (Ms. Haleigh Sehrt)
Ms. Jean Leporati
Mr. Chris Miller

Mrs. Lisa MacMoyle
Mr. John Murphy
Mr. Matt Stanbro
Mrs. Erin Corea

Mr. Aaron Gilbert
Dr. Lauren Fullmer (Mrs. Suzete Costa-Ponik)
Mr. Dennis McLaughlin

I hope that you all will be able to take time this summer to relax and have fun together as a family.  Valuable time spent with you, regardless of the activity, is worth more to children than any material gift.  Be sure to have your children read every day, hopefully for enjoyment and spending some time spent practicing those tricky math facts would be a real bonus!  If possible, limit time spent on digital media or video games and get the children outside to play! Remember, creativity springs from boredom.

As always, many thanks to our wonderful Brayton teachers who work so hard every day to make a difference in the lives of our children.  And, of course, thanks to our terrific PTO for their continued support in so many ways.

Have a wonderful and happy summer!