Covid Update 19- Reporting Process Update

Thank you for your ongoing efforts and cooperation in reporting positive COVID-19 cases to the District. There has been an update to our reporting procedures. Instead of emailing, please visit the COVID Reporting tab under the COVID-19 Dashboard and Information page on the District website. On that page, two Google Forms will be available for parents/guardians to fill out:

Report a positive test result for your child

Report close contact with a positive case

Please note, the email will no longer be monitored. If you do send an email to that address, you will receive an automated response directing you to fill out the appropriate form on the website.

The Google Forms include questions that we would typically ask upon receipt of a report of a positive case or close contact to a positive case. Once the Google Form is completed and submitted, you will receive an automated response with follow-up information and a return to school date. It is important to note that you should still expect communication from your school nurse on the next school day.