Submit Website Content

Please adhere to the following policies when submitting content for the website:

  • Submit content by noon on Thursday to be included in the Friday morning email blast
  • Please provide clip art/graphics where appropriate to support your article.
  • A copy of a flyer is not publishable to the site, other than as a link. Please copy and paste all text, and use the file upload function to add clip art. Only submissions formatted as an article will be distributed in the weekly email blast. Webmaster will provide only basic formatting for all posts.
  • All images submitted to the website MUST have cleared publicity. The author of the article is responsible for confirming that the school has permission to post photographs of all students in the image.
  • No full names of children will be posted to the website. Use first name and last initial.
  • No personal email addresses, phone numbers or addresses will be posted to the website. You may provide email addresses where necessary, which will be encoded as links to protect privacy.
  • All submitted documents must be in pdf format. Pdf documents may be used to provide downloadable forms or flyers, but their contents will not display on the site home page or be distributed in the weekly email. If you need to place a pdf on the site, please write a brief article to go along with it, which can then include a link to the pdf form or flyer.