Volunteer Fingerprinting

Parents volunteering for certain activities are required to be fingerprinted.  These include any activities that require a parent to be alone with a student without a teacher or administrator present.  At Brayton, these activities include field trip drivers, parent tutors, and ASE instructors.  Once you are fingerprinted, you are covered until your kids graduate from high school.

The process takes a few weeks.  It is a combination of paperwork the volunteer completes and fingerprinting which is done through an appointment at a MorphoTrust/Identogo location.  There are MorphoTrust/Identogo locations in Newark and Annadale.

The Board Office is located at: 14 Beekman Terrace. Approximately 2-3 weeks after you have been printed you will receive a letter from the State of New Jersey, Department of Criminal History Review. Please bring in a copy to Valerie Bampe in the Office Of Human Resources at the Board Office. This letter must be on file at the Board Office. All paperwork: including proof of ePayment to the State of New Jersey, with attached receipt, and in case of emergency form must be returned to the Board Office.

Please read all information below before scheduling your appointment and completing the required paperwork.

  1.  Criminal History Record Check – $11 via ePayment: http://www.nj.gov/education/educators/crimhist/.  Click on New Administration Fee Request.  Click on link #1.  When completing the Applicant Authorization and Certification Form New Administration Fee Payment Request, the Job Category Selection is: VOLUNTEER.  Methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards.  You must provide the Board Office with a copy of your confirmation of payment.  Print the completed Applicant Authorization and Certification Form.
  2. Be fingerprinted.  Go to https://uenroll.identogo.com/ – Complete and print the form.  Your cost $21.41.  This must be paid online.   No other method of payment will be accepted.  Once you are printed, you must bring your form with receipt back to the Board Office.
  3. Complete “Parent Volunteers_Fingerprinting” In Case of Emergency form.
  4. The Criminal History Review Unit will NOT send your criminal history clearance letter directly to your home.  The Board Office does not receive a copy.  You must log back in after a few weeks and print the clearance letter. Please provide a clear hard copy (showing the center seal) of your criminal history clearance letter to the Board Office.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NJ State Police will conduct a criminal history record search. In a few weeks you will be able to print your criminal history approval letter from the State of New Jersey indicating your search is complete and you have been approved work for the Summit Public Schools. We MUST receive a copy of your approval letter in order for your employment to go forward.

The above paperwork must be completed prior to volunteering.

Please return all documents to Valerie Bampe at the Board Office, 14 Beekman Terrace.  Should you  have any questions, please call Valerie at (908) 918-2100, ext. 3208.


Revised:  03/17/22