Safe Walking Routes

From: Route:
Oak Ridge (west of Surrey,) Greenbriar, Surrey Surrey to Druid Hill to CG at Larned/Mountain to school via Larned
Druid Hill, Devon, Sweet Briar, Plymouth, Silver Lake Up Devon to Druid Hill to CG at Larned/ Mountain to school via Larned
Mountain west of Primrose To CG at Larned/Mountain to school via Larned
Midland Terr, Parkview Terr, Oaklawn Rd, Clearview Dr To Larned and school via Larned
Ashland (west of Colony,) Glen Oaks Ave, Colony Dr, Crestwood Ln Cross Ashland at CG at Ashland/ColonyThen along south side of Ashland to entrance of Memorial Field near tennis courts (Larned Rd).
Manor Hill Rd, Larned Rd (north of Memorial Field) Cross at Oak Knoll crossing guard and enter at Larned Rd entrance to Memorial Field.  When Oak Knoll crossing guard not there, walk to CG at Ashland/Tulip.
Pine Ridge Drive Pine Grove Ave to Colony to CG at Colony/Ashland to school via south side of Ashland to Larned entrance to Memorial Field
Tulip (between Mountain and Myrtle), Laurel, Myrtle To Myrtle and CG at Myrtle/Tulip
Primrose, Montview, Mountain between Primrose and Montview, Rowan Rd (via Montview) Mountain to CG at Mountain/Myrtle and to school via Myrtle
Oak Ridge (from Surrey to between Magnolia and Primrose), Magnolia Magnolia to CG at Mountain/Larned to school via Larned
Oak Ridge (Primrose to Mountain,) Rowan Rd, Mountain west of Myrtle To Mountain via Primrose, Montview or Elm then to CG at Mountain/Myrtle
Elm, Doremus, Sayre St, William, West side of Morris Ave To CG at Doremus/Elm then to school via Ashland
Morris (east side south of Summit Ave,) Beauvoir Ave and Pl, Sylvan Rd and Terrace, Walnut, Industrial Pl, Broad St south of Summit Ave To Summit Ave then to CG at Doremus/Elm and to school via Ashland
Ashland Rd, Linden Pl, Oakland Pl, Prospect, Tulip (between Myrtle and Springfield,) Locust Drive, High St, Brook Ct To Tulip then to CG at Tulip/Ashland
New England Ave, George St To Locust then Tulip to CG at Tulip/Ashland
Blackburn Rd, Brook Ct Blackburn to Prospect to Tulip to CG at Ashland/Tulip
Morris Ave (east side,) Chestnut, Broad,Cedar, Maple (east of Morris,) Elm, Summit Ave (east of Morris,) Springfield Ave Cross Morris at CG at Morris/Elm then cut thru Middle School to Oakland Place to CG at Maple/Ashland then to school via Ashland
Orchard St, Park Roosevelt Way, Cottage Ln, Park Ave Broad St to Summit Ave to CG at Elm/Doremus to school via Ashland

Note: CG = Crossing Guard