Red Flag Drop Off Procedure & Tips

With the start of school comes the inevitable “Red Flag Day” – a morning with inclement weather, rain, snow and/or a morning when the temperature is below 32 degrees (this includes the “feels like” temp).

A red flag will be hung at the Myrtle & Ashland (Jr. Playground) entrances to the school to alert parents that all children should be dropped off at the Myrtle Avenue door. The following procedures should be followed to ensure a smooth and more importantly SAFE drop-off for everyone!

We are requesting a change to the flow of traffic. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

There has historically been significant traffic problems during drop-off and we’re hoping to minimize the hassle and gridlock for everyone.

  • Only approach Brayton on Tulip from Ashland Road (make a right onto Myrtle) OR Tulip from Mountain Avenue (make a left onto Myrtle Avenue).  This will limit the approach to TWO entry points.  YES, that does mean NO entry on Myrtle from Mountain Avenue/Laurel Avenue/Larned. Please try to adhere to this, once everyone starts following this protocol, it will save everyone time!

  • After you drop your children, proceed onto Larned Road and continue to Mountain Avenue and make your way to your next destination from there.   Please DO NOT continue around on Myrtle and across Tulip.  This only adds to congestion and confusion.  

  • Please refer to the below map (stay on the GREEN FLOW of traffic and AVOID THE RED)

Additional Guidelines for All Parents

  1. Be courteous and patient. Take a deep breath and a sip of coffee! There is no need to rush. Children will not be penalized if they come in a few minutes late.

  2. With multiple points of entry to Myrtle Avenue, think back to your early days of Driver’s Ed and YIELD…I go, you go, I go, you go. (It’s the polite thing to do!)

  3. Pull ALL the way up to the end of Cornog Field House. DO NOT stop at the walkway to the door OR the driveway. We promise that your children will not melt in the rain if they have to walk just a little bit to the door;they are tougher than you think!

    1. Say your goodbyes & I love you’s before you pull up! Have the kids ready to jump out. We know it’s tempting to watch those cutie-patooties walk-in or have a chat with a friend, but you will hold everyone up & folks get frustrated!

    2. Please do NOT get out of your car. Make sure children can easily get out of the passenger side of the vehicle themselves.

    3. Please, please, please be kind and courteous to the crossing guards, aides and custodians who are directing traffic and helping your children get into the building safely!!

    4. DO NOT let your children out along Tulip! Only drop children on the Myrtle Avenue drop-off zone

    5. There is absolutely NO parking or drop- in the teachers’ parking lot on Ashland Road, this is for the safety of children and staff