Fifth Grade Events

Bingo Night Bake and Pizza Sale (at Bingo Night – Friday night in October)

This is a major fundraiser for 5th grade activities.  All 5th graders are asked to donate individually wrapped bite size desserts to be sold at the Bake Sale table during Bingo Night.  Also, 5th graders volunteer to serve pizza and sell desserts throughout the night.

Brayton Variety Show- Fifth Grade Finale (at Variety Show – Friday night in January)

All 5th graders are invited to participate in the 5th grade Final of the Brayton Variety Show.  Rehearsals for the 5th grade finale are held during recess.  5th grade parents are invited to watch the finale the night of the Variety Show.

Camp Bernie (overnight trip April / May)

All 5th graders (with teacher chaperones) go on an overnight trip to YMCA Camp Bernie in Port Murray, NJ.

Family Fun Day – Cake Walk (at Family Fun Day – Saturday afternoon in the May)

This is a major fundraiser for 5th grade activities. All 5th graders are asked to donate a cake to be raffled off at the Cake Walk.

Open Doors (school day in the Spring)

5th graders go on a tour of the middle school.

Safety Patrol Movie (school day in the Spring)

5th graders Safety Patrols attend a movie.

Fiesta Pool Party (school day in June)

5th graders, district wide, have a pool party at the Summit Community Pool.

DARE Graduation (school night in June)

A Summit Police Officer runs the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in the schools. There are 5-6 sessions during the winter/spring, with a graduation in June.  Graduation is held in the Summit High School Auditorium.

5th Grade Parent/Child Kickball Game & Picnic (school night in June)

5th graders and their parents (no siblings) enjoy a friendly game of kickball and a picnic.

Recognition/Graduation Day (day prior to last day of school in June)

5th grade recognition ceremony followed by a celebratory reception for families.