Code of Conduct

BRAYTON SCHOOL belongs to all of us.  We must respect all who work and play at Brayton.  We must take care of the building, furniture and grounds to assure that we maintain a pleasant environment for all of us.  We believe that school is a place for learning.  Although we should all enjoy being here, our purpose is education.  To achieve that goal we believe the following ideals must be supported:

  • All students have the right to learn.
  • All teachers have the right to teach.
  • Everyone has the right to enjoy a safe and secure environment at school.
  • We must respect the differences and dignity of all people.  Bias and prejudice toward anyone, in any way, cannot be tolerated.
  • All people, children and adults, should treat each other with respect and kindness trying never to be hurtful to anyone with words or actions.
  • We must be considerate of the rights of others to work without disruption.
  • We must respect and care for the property of others.
  • The school and playground rules must be followed.


respect:  1)  high regard; honor; esteem;

      2) consideration; care; regard


Consequences of Not Meeting Expectations

Consequences that follow when expectations are not met will be appropriate to the age level of the student.  Teachers and/or the principal will review the circumstances related to each incident.

The following steps will be taken when expectations are not met:

  • Teacher or principal confers with the student.
  • Parents may be informed through phone calls, conferences, or written notes when expectations are repeatedly not met, or if the severity of the incident requires immediate parental involvement.
  • Certain privileges may be revoked when appropriate.  These may include separation from the group or less of lunchtime recess.
  • An after school detention period may be appropriate in some cases.  The detention period will be supervised by individual teachers or by the principal.
  • In school or out of school suspension may be assigned in instances where behavior is severely inappropriate or has violated school and/or district policies.  Parents will definitely be involved.