Brayton Cares Visits Pillar School

Brayton Cares spent an afternoon with special needs students at Pillar School in Livingston. It was inspiring to see kids of all ages and abilities connecting over crafts and remote control cars! We also checked out the incredible facilities (on-site pool and sensory gym!) and tried some of the special equipment their students use to communicate. 

Pillar School loves student volunteers. Check out some opportunities below! For more information, contact Corry DeMarco at

  • Volunteer in the classrooms during spring break! Pillar is open April 6th-9th. They are also open the month of July and first two weeks of August.
  • Sponsor a student for the Wheelin n Walkin Challenge. Volunteers choose a student to sponsor. Profiles/pics are provided. Volunteers fundraise on behalf of the student and assist the student in completing the walk. Additional visits with the student are arranged throughout the year when possible. 
  • Volunteer on the weekends at an adult community residence (Great activity for families!). The residents are very social and enjoy friendly visits to play games, make crafts or just chat. Homes are located in Maplewood and near the Seton Hall campus.