Bingo Basket Donations Are Due By Monday, September 30th!

We are currently looking for gift cards for local restaurants and Amazon cards so we can finish purchasing items for some of our baskets. Of course, we still have plenty of items left on our Amazon Wishlist!

The Brayton Bingo Basket committee is hard at work getting things ready for Bingo Night! While the PTO funds some of the baskets for the evening, we could not do the Basket Raffle without the help and support of our Brayton families. There are three main ways that families can get involved:

You may have season tickets to a sports team or a theater. You may know an athlete or celebrity who is willing to sign some merchandise. You may have unexpired, unused gift cards to local restaurants, salons, and stores. We would appreciate donations of these types of items, which we can combine with other items to put together a Bingo Basket. Have something to donate, or want more information?


The committee has put together a wish list of items that we would like to include in the baskets this year. There are about 70 items at various price points on the wish list. Items purchased by a family will ship directly to the committee chairs who will handle all the wrapping, so you will have done your good deed with only a few clicks! Please send with a gift note so we know who purchased the item.


Some Brayton neighborhoods opt to band together to purchase larger ticket items for a Bingo Basket. One person volunteers to serve as “Neighborhood Captain,” and collects a monetary donation from the interested families. Select gifts from the Amazon Wishlist in the name of the neighborhood. Gift ideas include: iPad, Play Station, Beats Headphones, and more! Have a great idea NOT on our Wish List?? Go for it!


All donations are due by September 30, 2019, but the earlier the better.

Be prepared to win BIG on October 25th! Thank you so much for everyone’s help. It takes a village and Brayton has the most supportive village out there!