April Letter from the Principal

Dear Brayton Parents,

It is very difficult for all of us to believe that the Covid pandemic has been in effect for well over a year. We all remember so well that Thursday afternoon in March 2020 when we were told that school would be closed the following day. We never imagined at that time that we would still be dealing with quarantining, vaccinations and unique school environments in April, 2021.

Fortunately, we have come this far – students and staff are well, we see each other every day, and we are all hopeful that an end will soon be in sight. I cannot praise our Brayton students, staff and parent community enough for their flexibility, determination, and cooperation in working together to “make school happen!”

As we all look forward to a more normal September, it is now approaching time to “close out” the 2020-2021 school year. We are very excited that we will be able to send off our fifth graders with a Fifth Grade Recognition. Although it will be somewhat different than in the past, we will at least be able to come together and wish them well as they move on to their middle school years. Fifth grade parents will soon be receiving updated information regarding schedule and plans.

Also, we will begin gathering information regarding our students’ placement for the coming year. Parents will be receiving a form to complete on which I ask that you share any strengths, needs and/or any other pertinent information that will help the staff and me in organizing classes for next year. If you are NOT planning on returning to Brayton next year, please send an email to either Mrs. Pallitto or me to let us know. Organizing our classes is a huge task, and we strive to create balanced, heterogeneous classes in which our students will thrive.

I hope that you and your family are taking time to get outside and enjoy the Spring weather. We have all been “attached” to our computers, whether for work or school, for far too much of the day and need to take those healthy breaks. Our children, especially, need time for their brains to experience more than watching a screen. It is so nice to see the children outside at Memorial Field at the end of the school day, riding bikes or simply being together (safely, of course!).

Stay well, and, again, thank you for your continued support.