PTO Contacts

2021-2022 PTO Executive Board


Co-Presidents: Silvia Gianni and Nenette Luyt
Executive Vice President: Jamie Platt 
1st Vice President: Alison Macmillan
Communications Vice President: Erin Aurelio
Secretary: Diane Macina
Treasurer: Kirsten Dalton
Webmaster: Amanda McConnon 
Principal: Cheryl Moretz
Teacher Representative: Stefanie Major

Please note:  The contact information provided on this page, and all other pages on this website, is exclusively for the use of Brayton Elementary School families.  Neither the PTO Board nor any Committee Chairs will accept any sort of marketing or solicitation messages from any business that is sent to their personal email accounts, particularly if the message is not in compliance with the Federal CAN-SPAM act of 2003.